Legacy Beyond Service

February 27, 2006, to December 10, 2011

Sparky was my first registered German shepherd. He was the beginning of a dream for me: breeding and training a good quality, loving, loyal, even-tempered family dog. You couldn't have asked for a better start. He was bred by a breeder who trained guide dogs. He loved going to the lake, hiking in the desert, and even going to the park and swap to meet people. He will truly be missed.

There was a breeding complication called Paraphimosis. I did not know that this was a 24-hour emergency vet visit. I waited until the second day and saw he was still having trouble. I made a call to the vet, and she said to bring him in immediately. Surgery was done on him, but after 3 days, I had to take him back in.

Lacey Vom Vintar  Born June 2, 2007
At the age of 6 years old, Lacey went to a nice older lady and became the only dog to be pampered and loved. I will miss her. Lacey is CGC certified. Lacey was bred for the show. She is a very classy, loving female. She loves people. She is always ready to comfort and cuddle you whenever you need her. She is the perfect breeding female. She is very loving and patient with her babies. She is 6 years old and weighs around 75 pounds.

Toby Vondilk Vintar was born on February 3, 2012
Toby is Sparky and Lacey's son and my first breeding pair. His parents were raised on a school bus for the first year of their lives. The kids loved to be around the dogs. New boss, new rules—we couldn't have the dogs on the bus anymore. 🙂 Toby is very loyal and attentive. He will stare at the gas pedal on our golf cart, waiting for it to move forward. He pays very close attention to everything going on and learns new things very quickly. He has lots of energy and loves to give.

Milo Vondilk Vintar born 4/11/19
Gypsy Queen Vondilk was born on January 13, 2017 

(Gypsy is Toby and Sassy's pup)

Gypsy is the granddaughter of my first pair of dogs. Very sweet girl. Her pups have turned out to be excellent-tempered service dogs. They are very intelligent, loving, and devoted to their owners. We have had a few dwarfs from her breeding, and we keep an eye on pups that don't gain correctly. I will pull a pup that isn't gaining correctly. All her pups that have gone home are healthy, beautiful pups. So far, I haven't had complaints about health issues with them. Quite a few have become service animals. So far, she has had 2 dwarfs in 1 litter with Diesel. I do not breed her with Diesel now.