About Me

I have always loved German Shepherds, ever since I was a little girl. My aunt had one, and his name was King. Extremely smart dog. It took me over 20 years to get some of my own. The German shepherd is the only dog I truly like. Personality-wise, they are extremely smart, extremely loyal, and very gentle around kids, and you can train them for just about anything you desire in a dog. Very easily trained. I have always wanted to breed them to get the best personality with the beautiful show quality and loving temperament a German shepherd can have.

I like the working dogs that are in society, helping in one way or another. I have experience training my dogs in search and rescue, cadaver, agility (SAR and cadaver are just occasional training sessions), trick training, and CGC certification (good canine citizenship) (CGC is a passion of mine, and I use this training in my classes on the weekend). Dogs can earn 7 titles from me. This is all a work in progress, and I just became an evaluator and trainer for the AKC CGC in 2012. I started learning search and rescue through a trainer in 2012 as well. I now have weekly social classes for dogs. Mostly German Shepherds, but all breeds are welcome.

My training centers on keeping the dogs in their homes and helping owners with the difficult task of understanding what their dogs need to become the dogs they want. This will usually be based on the owners' learning to change their energy to become the leaders the dogs trust and listen to.

I am a firm believer that a dog is a pack animal, and I do my best to keep my dogs in a pack as a family. I have had to make adjustments to that a few times as my pack has grown. I have a few dogs that don't do well in a pack mentality, and I keep them with one or two dogs as friends. But in general, my dogs are in a pack and come in and out of the house whenever they want. I never wanted the typical breeder to have all the dogs in kennels, and the dogs never really learn how to be the beloved pet that we all want and love. All my dogs get my love and attention every day. I can get pretty busy through the day with visitors and training, but I always make time to visit all the dogs and love them. I used to have the entire pack running with the puppies by 7 weeks, but since I went from 8 dogs to 16 dogs, I have had to limit the dogs because, in their excitement, the babies are usually run over a lot. 🙂 So, I make sure all the dogs get to spend time with the puppies in smaller groups. Teaching the puppies how to socialize with the bigger dogs and teaching the older dogs to be gentle around the little ones.