Dogs Looking For Homes

Diablo is a 7 month old male. Price is a  refundable deposit of $500. The refundable deposit will be given back when proof of neuter is shown. There will be a contract agreeing with a 2 week bonding stage before neuter. He has allergies that will more than likely have to be treated every allergy season. I was concerned how he walked that he may have issues with dysplasia so had xrays done. He has elbow dysplasia and very likely to end up with hip dysplasia as well. He will need another xray at 10 months to get a better view to verify hip dysplasia. He will be more on the protective side. His temperament is middle to dominate.. If you do not understand what that means in the dog you are getting questions are always welcome.

Kona and Rexee are sisters. Born 3/10/16 they are being retired looking for a home to spoil and love them. I was hoping to rehome them together being sisters but over the weekend when I wasn’t home they had started their heat cycle and got into a fight with each other so had to be separated. With me being home I am able to tell them to knock their nonsense off but rehoming them I feel may create issues I didn’t see having someone else handle them. So I have decided not to rehome them in the same home. They are both dominate females and have always been competitive against each other like normal siblings but having 2 dominates it can get more intense with an inexperienced handler. Kona is very sweet and loving to people. She enjoys cuddles and would do well with a home with a lot of activity with humans or a quiet home for just her and cuddle time. I do not recommend a second dog. She is the more dominate of the sisters with dogs. Rexee is more protective and reserved. She is not impressed with strangers and will just do her own thing ignoring visitors.. She will need time to bond with a new family. So if you need to ask how to get her to bond with you then you are the wrong fit for her. I get dogs back all the time with trust issues with humans. I do not ever ask how can I bond with a dog.. How I bond with them is earn their trust and love by continually showing patience and love that I am there for them when they are ready.. Rexee would do better in a more quiet home with less social traffic coming in and out. Both girls are very capable of being around groups of families. All my dogs are trained to meet and greet strangers every weekend.. I have them around large groups of families with kids etc… But there will be a difference of my handling compared to yours.. I also recommend her being an only dog. I do recommend an experience german shepherd owner with Rexee. She is my talker.. explanation…. Rexee likes to growl talk to communicate. In the excitement of morning breakfast she constantly growls at my mom. My mom will go in her kennel and tell her to knock it off. Rexee will grabbed a mouth full of food still growling but wagging her tail with her ears down. Her growl can be intimidating to someone that does not know how german shepherds communicate. She sounds like she wants to eat you. She is very playful and spunky. I will rehome them with a refundable deposit to protect them.. I am very picky with my adult dogs being retired. I do my best to rehome them to a forever home the first time. After the week visitation you decide you want to keep the dog (only rexee and kona) you will have a trial month in your home. If you decide to keep the dog you will be reimbursed the deposit after the month trial. I will need to receive pics of the dogs doing well in your home. You decide after the week trial, you took the dog home and changed your mind and want to return the dog, the deposit will be nonrefundable. The dog can come back but no return of deposit..  You will sign a contract understand how the deposit protects the dogs..

Explanation on Non-Refundable Deposit for Adult Dog

Reasoning behind a $500 non-refundable return of a dog. I have had too many people get my adult dogs, and within a week's guarantee, they return the dog. It can take me a minimum of 2 weeks to get the dog to settle back down. In a week, a dog will start creating a bond with their new family. Whether the family feels the bond or not… I have had an adult dog return after a second home, refuse to eat, and I had to spoon-feed him for 2 weeks before I finally got him to eat on his own. (Milo) Do not get an adult dog to save money! Most adult dogs returned to me have behavior issues that will need to be worked on.. My dogs, which I raised myself, went into a new home within 2 weeks; they forgot all the training they grew up with in my home.. I've had dogs come back aggressive, but when they were in my home, they never showed aggression and were very sweet and timid… Every home is different. I can't tell you how the dog is going to behave in your home environment. I can only tell you how they behave in mine… Your energy, consistency, patience, love, and understanding will create the dog you end up with. Do not tell me you don’t feel a bond with the dog… I will tell you now.. I never expect, on the return of a dog, that they will bond with me… I work on that bond.. I show them I am there for them no matter what, and they quickly give me that devotion and love back… YOU create the bond, not them…

Options on Take Home

The first option is called visitation week. You must pay for the adult German Shepherd before the dog goes anywhere. As long as the dog is returned safely, money will be fully refundable at the end of the visitation week. You will be allowed to take the dog anywhere you would like to get a good feel for whether the dog is a good fit for you and your family, the dog is to be returned the same day. You will sign an agreement that you take full responsibility for any actions the dog takes when you are responsible for them. If the dog gets away from you, you do not get a refund… You are completely responsible for the dog while it is in your care… If the dog gets hurt in any way, you are responsible for vet costs, etc.…

Anyone can skip visitation week and go to the second option. You can pay for the dog in full and take it home. You have a week's guarantee on the dog. If you decide the dog is not a good fit for your home, you may bring it back, but no refund will be given. $500 is non-refundable. The money can be transferred to a future puppy, but it must meet the required $500 deposit.